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จัดเต็ม!! 100 ทรงผมสุด Cool ที่คัดเลือกมาเพื่อต้อนรับปี 2017 แชร์ไว้แล้วเอาไปตัดตาม!

36640 Pepper

ชาว Pepper คนไหนเตรียมตัวเปลี่ยนทรงผมรับปีใหม่ ลองมาหาทรงที่ใช่กันได้นะครับ

สวัสดีปีใหม่!! คำทักทายแห่งความสุขที่ชาว Pepper ทุกท่านคุ้นเคย อีกไม่กี่อาทิตย์แล้วสำหรับวันขึ้นปีใหม่ที่จะมาถึง ปีใหม่ของใครหลายๆอาจจะหมายถึงการเปลี่ยนตัวเองให้ดูดีขึ้น เปลี่ยนการแต่งตัว รวมไปถึงการเปลี่ยนทรงผมวันนี้เราจะพาไปดู 100 ทรงผมที่เป็นที่นิยมของวัยรุ่นยุคก้าวเข้าสู่ปี 2017 ครับ ขอให้ทุกท่านได้ของขวัญเป็นทรงผมที่ถูกใจไปเซอร์ไพร์วันขึ้นปีใหม่ของคนที่ท่านรักนะครับ

100.Short Textured Crop Haircut

99.Bald Fade + Crop Haircut For Men

98.Short Haircut for Men with Thick Hair

97.Bald Fade +Cool Textured Men’s Short Haircut

96.Short Haircut for Men with Curly Hair

95.Skin Fade Textured Crop with Weighted Line

94.Awesome Short Spiky Blowout Hairstyle

93.Short Men’s Haircut + Drop Fade

92.Short Spiky Hairstyle + High Fade + Disconnected Beard

91.Short Curly Hairstyle For Men

90.Short Messy Men’s Hairstyle

89.Short Haircut For Men + Messy Fringe

88.Super Short Men’s Crop Haircut

87.Messy Men’s Hairstyle + High Skin Fade

86.High Skin Fade Quiff Hairstyle

85.Killer Short Men’s Haircut

84.Short Curly Hairstyle For Men + Mid Skin Fade

83.Slick Hairstyle for Men with Straight Hair

82.Cool Spiky Hairstyle For Men

81.Drop Fade + Curly Hair

80.Classic Short Haircut For Men With Thick Hair

79.Short Spiky Hairstyle

78.Short Haircut for Men + Mid Fade

77.Short Men’s Hairstyle For Thick Hair

76.High Skin Fade + Short Spiky Men’s Hairstyle

75.Drop Fade + Short Hair

74.Modern Fauxhawk

73.Cool Short Men’s Haircut

72.Short Slicked Back Hairstyle For Men

71.Messy Short Crop Haircut For Men

70.High Fade + Natural Textures

69.Short Hairstyle For Men With Thick Hair

68.High Fade + Curls

67.Medium Hair Slicked Back + High Fade

66.Medium Length Men’s Hairstyle For Thick Hair

65.Short Sides + Medium Textures On Top

64.Side Part Combover Men’s Haircut

63.Medium Length Pompadour Hairstyle For Thick Hair

62.Medium Length Curly Hairstyle For Men + High Fade

61.Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle + Disconnected Beard

60.Medium Length Textured Haircut For Thick Hair

59.Short Sides + Tall Hair On Top

58.Blow Dry Natural Slicked Back Look

57.Cool Medium Length Curls + Hi-Lo Fade

56.High Fade Haircut + Medium Length Hair

55.Medium Length Haircut For Men With Textures + Movement

54.High Fade + Disconnected Beard + Medium Hairstyle For Guys

53.High Fade + Medium Length Quiff

52.Medium Length Curls + Mid Fade Haircut

51.Medium Length Scissor Cut Hair + Side Part

50.Cool High Fade + Medium Textured Hairstyle For Guys

49.Slicked Back Hairstyle + Fade + No Fade

48.Cool Tapered Hair in Back Hairstyle

47.Medium Length Curly Hairstyle For Black Men + Temple Fade

46.Cool Men’s Medium Hairstyle + High Fade

45.Taper Fade + Medium Length Hairstyle For Curly Hair

44.Medium Hair Styled Back

43.Natural Curly Hairstyle For Men + High Fade

42.Mid Fade + Medium Hair With Nice Movement + Flow

41.Medium Men’s Curly Hairstyle With Textures

40.Medium Curly Hair + Long Fringe + High Fade Haircut

39.Medium Length Pompadour Hairstyle For Men

38.Wavy Hairstyle For Men + Scissor Cut Hair

37.Brushed Back Men’s Haircut + Beard

36.Faded Hawk With Curly Hair On Top

35.Cool Medium Men’s Haircut + Short Sides

34.Natural Curls + Hard Part

33.Cool Pompadour Hairstyle

32.Medium Length Men’s Quiff Hairstyle + Beard

31.Medium Curly Hairstyle For Men + Surgical Part + High / Low Fade

30.Medium Length Hairstyle For Men With Thick Hair

29.Cool Hairstyle For Curly Hair

28.Slicked Back Medium Hairstyle For Men

27.Cool Side Part Men’s Hairstyle

26.Cool Messy Men’s Hairstyle + Short Sides

25.Natural Looking Pompadour Hairstyle

24.Long Messy Hairstyle For Men

23.Longer Hair On Top + Short Scissor Cut Sides

22.Long Curls + High Skin Fade

21.Longer Men’s Hairstyle Brushed Back

20.Long Thick Hair + Combover Hairstyle For Men

19.Flat Top Hairstyle + High Skin Fade

18.Side Part Combover With Long Hair

17.Long Hair Slicked Back Men’s Undercut Hairstyle

16.Long Textured Hairstyle + High Skin Fade + Disconnected Beard

15.Long Curly Hair Undercut Hairstyle For Men

14.Long Hairstyle For Men

13.Long Hair On Top + High Fade + Long Fringe

12.Long Wavy Hairstyle For Men + High Fade

11.Disconnected Undercut + Long Messy Hairstyle For Men

10.Long Hairstyle For Men (Scissor Cut)

9.Longer Hair Combed Back / Side Part Hairstyle

8.Long Hair Undercut Hairstyle + Long Fringe (Bangs)

7.Long Hair Sectioned + Brushed/Slicked Back

6.Mid Fade Haircut + Long Hair On Top Brushed Back

5.Long Choppy Hair + Long Fringe + Disconnected Beard

4.Bald Fade Undercut Hairstyle For Men + Long Fringe

3.Undercut Hairstyle + Long Wavy Hair + Long Fringe

2.Mid Fade + Disconnected Beard + Long Curly Fringe

1.Cool Long Hairstyle For Men


ใน 100 ทรงมีทรงที่คุณถูกใจบ้างรึเปล่า



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